Who are we?

peter mullerPeter Muller graduated in Tax Law from Groningen State University in the Netherlands in 1993 and started off as a Tax Lawyer for a Big 4 firm. In 1995 Peter moved to Curacao where he worked among other for a prestigious boutique Tax Law firm. In 1999 Peter founded the Curacao tax department for a major international firm. In the year 2001 he decided to venture out on his own. Peter has been teaching Tax Law at the Curaçao Tax Inspector’s office, the Tax Auditor’s office, the University of the Netherlands Antilles and a post graduate course for Registered Controllers. Peter is one of the editors of the Caribisch Juristen Blad (Dutch Caribbean Law Review) to which he contributes on a regular basis. Recent experience includes split-ups, transparent companies, companies under the new export exemption and advisory work with regard to the BES tax legislation (the tax system for the islands of Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius). Peter is currently busy setting up structures for real estate investors. Peter is a native Dutch speaker but is also fluent in English, German, Spanish, French  and the local language Papiamento. Peter is assistant to the Consul of Estonia and member of the Curacao Lions Club. His hobbies are among other playing golf, reading and cooking.
M +5999 694 2852
E  peter.muller@mullertax.com

Leo D Pic-2014-B-WLeo Delfgaauw graduated from Leiden University in Corporate Law in 1981 and specialised in Tax Law after that. He worked at the Dutch internal revenue service and the Treasury for five years. In 1988 he moved to one of the mid-sized specialised Tax firms as a Tax Lawyer.
In that time Leo’s focus was on restructuring shareholding in companies in such a way that retained earnings could be realised against acceptable tax rate. Since 1996 Leo worked as partner in several partnerships in the Netherlands. His current Dutch office is in Delft.
Leo advised Dutch and Caribbean entrepreneurs since he first visited Curacao in 1997. At that time he was also admitted to the Bar. In his Caribbean experience the set up of a captive insurance company first on Curacao and later also on Aruba was one of the interesting tasks. By practising on Curacao Leo met Peter Muller and they joined forces in several cases. As attorney at law and as tax lawyer Leo is able to assist in civil and in tax cases combining the best of two legal worlds in all parts of the Kingdom. Leo is looking forward to moving to Curacao.

Cecilia-b-wCecilia Bosso graduated from the National University Lomas de Zamora in Argentina in 1989. Cecilia is a native Spanish speaker and head of the Latin-America desk. Cecilia has ample experience as a Lawyer and a Trust Officer. Within Muller & Associates she is mainly involved in assisting and communicating with our Spanish speaking clients. Cecilia is also fluent in English and Italian. Cecilia plays tennis and is a true animal lover.
M +5999 511 8612
E  cecilia.bosso@mullertax.com

Mamie-b-wMamie Kleinmoedig is our trusted Office Manager since 2007. Responsible for everything that involves a smooth operating office from accounting to making sure there is enough coffee to keep us going. Mamie is a family person and the first person you will see when entering our offices.
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