Tax returns

No-one wants to pay too much to the tax authorities. Not everyone has the time to draw up tax returns correctly and not everyone is familiar with the possibilities to save with respect to taxes. Muller & Associates has thorough knowledge of the Dutch Caribbean tax system and years of experience with all sorts of tax returns, such as:

  • Income Tax
  • Profit Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Inheritance and gift Tax

When it comes to income tax no clients is equal.

With respect to profit tax we are e.g. responsible for the filing on behalf of a large fiscal unity. We take care of the consolidation of the of the unity’s financials via in-house developed software.

Sales tax is becoming more and more important. We can assist you with respect to this very complicated legislation.

We have provided for a lot of advice of Inheritance and gift tax and can assist complying to fiscal obligations. We know how to save tax when transferring assets to the next generation.

We assist clients to comply with the myriad of fiscal obligations.
We can also advise you on wage tax and premiums “AOV/AWW” (General Old Age Insurance/General Widows’ and Orphans’ Insurance), “AVBZ” (General Insurance Special Medical Expenses) and “OV/ZV” (Accident Insurance/Medical Insurance). A new general health insurance has just been introduced to Curacao. We have already provided for tax advice with respect to this new legislation.