Fiscal Subscription

Clarity is one of the trademarks of Muller & Associates, which is why Muller & Associates offers its clients a unique product: the Fiscal Subscription. For a fixed amount determined in advance, Muller & Associates files your tax returns, files objections to assessments, and gives you expert advice with regard to your specific situation throughout the year. You can avail yourselves of the services of an experienced tax lawyer all through the year without surprises with respect to the fees. Continuous expert assistance and no surprisingly high invoice at the end of the year.

A combination of a Fiscal Subscription in which we also take care of your accounting is also an option. The amount of the monthly expenses of your Fiscal Subscription depends on your specific financial and fiscal situation.

We evaluate your situation and consider the various options. Based on this we present your quotation. With a fiscal subscription you can rest assured that all your fiscal and accounting affairs can be dealt with correctly, expertly and in a timely manner.