Latin American Desk

Latin America offers vast opportunities for corporations looking to expand their presence in the region. At the same time, wealth and investments from Latin America are pouring into other countries. Curacao very often functions as a hub. Adjacent Curacao can offer structures with respect to estate planning and asset protection.

We focus on the following countries with respect to our services:
Argentina; Bolivia; Chile; Colombia; Mexico; Peru; Venezuela.

We deliver cross-border advice on:

Outbound investments from Latin America — Latin American companies and individuals investing or trading with other countries;

Inbound investments into Latin America — Foreign companies and individuals investing in Latin America.

We can advise you on favorable fiscal structures and on estate planning and asset protection the Curacao legal system has to offer.

Peter Muller has been calling Curacao home for over 19 years and is well-versed in the Latin-American culture. With respect to Cecilia Bosso, being of Argentinian descent, it goes without saying that she knows her way around in Latin-America.